Are you running your own telemarketing campaign? Unless your company is in the telemarketing business, it really begs the question as to why you would take time out of your busy schedule, to perform tasks you were never trained for. Effective telemarketing is performed by experts who were specifically trained for that type of work.

What if you could free up all of that time spent on marketing and focus on the job you originally took on within your company? Wouldn’t it be time well spent? Professional Prospecting Systems can give you back your time, and provide you with effective telemarketing that really gets results. Their Business 2 Business prospecting helps businesses just like yours achieve the goals they set out to achieve when they first opened their business.

Their service is called E-Telemarketing & Lead Nurturing. It systematically coordinates the people, systems, and content involved in your marketing campaign to accomplish the task of winning the sales game at the top of the sales funnel. With this system implemented, you will get more b2b appointments than by cold calling alone.

Don’t throw out your cold call campaign- just give it a little help! For most businesses, it makes better sense to outsource b2b appointment setting to a professional service for the simple fact that they can do it better than you can do it in-house, and for a lot less money. It may surprise you to learn that Professional Prospecting can provide you with your own outbound marketing department for less than the cost of hiring one junior salesperson. Now think about how much you’ll save if an executive is handling your telemarketing!

PPS has been providing companies just like yours with b2b appointment setting and IT appointments for almost 20 years, and in that time have developed a model for creating and conducting programs that are proven to deliver results. Telemarketing and appointment setting are both business processes. If you intend on hiring a partner to handle these processes for you, you want to choose a service with experience and a proven track record to show for their years in business.

When you sign up for and attend one of Professional Prospecting’s Webinars, you will be shown exactly how they can solve your marketing problem, with an effective and well thought out system that will enable you to get more b2b appointments and sales leads; and at the end of the day, isn’t that really what it’s all about?

With four Webinars each week to better serve their potential clients, PPS makes it convenient for your company to find out what PPS has to offer. Visit their website at professionalprospecting.com, join in a Q&A session to get involved with the community, sign up for the next Webinar, or one that fits in your schedule and take control of your telemarketing campaign.

If you’d like to speak with an expert from PPS, please call 866-445-4369. They’re always happy to answer questions and will work to help you implement the best marketing campaign your company has ever seen. Get started today- you won’t be sorry.

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